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In The News for Monday, October 17,2022
Posted Oct 16 2022 2:52PM

·        The Week in Pictures: Effing-Biden Edition

·        A quote from Slow Joe that clearly confirms his senility, “Whatever Maxime Says, I Agree With.”

·        Head-On Crash At The Intersection.

[W]hen hundreds of Muslim parents, upset at gay porn in the school libraries, showed up to a school board meeting in Dearborn, Mich., and it devolved into shouting and chaos with board members running away and gay protesters being chased to their cars, the fallout was absolutely hilarious. The headline in the Detroit Free Press after the event went haywire was “LGBTQ and Faith Communities Struggle for Unity.” BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Can you imagine what the headline would have been if it were a Baptist church chasing gay protesters to their cars? “Fascist White Supremacist Book Burners Bash Gay Man in Parking Lot,” or “Rabid Religious Zealots Terrorize Gay Man Defending Right to Read,” or something equally terrible. I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying this disaster.

·        Susan Vass writes a weekly post on Powerline every Friday. It’s usually funny and entertaining and often worth reading. Firday’s piece was enjoyable and the second half particularly is worth reading. An excerpt:

I know it looks pretty grim right now. It is crystal clear that many people who are obscenely paid to be The Gay Guy, The Black Woman, The Latinx, The Black Lesbian Mayor, and so forth are doing quite well. And not just on The View. None more than the Clown Show that is the Biden Administration. Can you get your head around the lack of seriousness in making the head of the Department of Transportation a gay guy whose experience consisted of proposing to his boyfriend in a train station? Luckily, it’s going swimmingly.

·        Come January the House Jan. 6 Kangaroo Court might find the tables turned.

·        From Saudi Arabia, an October Surprise?

·        Things Are Much Worse Than They Seem for Democrats. I think we’re looking at an epic electoral rebuke, but we don’t want to get too cocky.

Grandpa Dementia, who just got bent over by Mohammed bin Salman and the Saudis after begging for more oil production, who wanders aimlessly—sometimes literally—from defeat to defeat, is not even close to the 50 percent margin. He hovers around 40-41 percent on his better days. I don’t know exactly what an approval rating around 40 percent means for House losses, but I can assure you it’s north of 37 seats. 

In order for the Left to get the definitive rebuke it needs and so richly deserves, however, it is important during these last four weeks before Election Day to do everything in our power to make it so. So keep calm, carry on, and annihilate the Left: the tears and screams of agony from those twisted souls as they lose their “precious” ring of congressional power will be extremely enjoyable on Election Night.

·        Wouldn’t it be nice if the rest of the mainstream media did their job like Maria and held their feet to the fire?

·        Talk about a sea change! More and more November is looking like a blowout.

·        Whoa: GOP ‘generic’ lead nearly doubles in week.

·        Bidenism At Its Finest.

Lots more at the link, which turns into a partial compendium of Biden’s delusional lies through the years. What is Biden’s problem? It is a little hard to sort out, because 1) he has always been a liar, and 2) to put it politely, he has never been intelligent. But what we are seeing now goes beyond his historic shortcomings. Given his current mental capacity, I don’t think Biden is competitively employable in any skilled or responsible position.

·        Pfizer Insists They Did Test The Vaccine, On Over 5 Billion People. Satire? Not so much.

·        Oh yeah! The French know how to remove people who superglue themselves to things. Leave the epidermis behind. LOLOLOL.