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In The News for Thursday, December 19, 2019
Posted Dec 19 2019 8:57AM

·        In what was no surprise, the Democrats voted to pass the articles of impeachment and now they go to the Senate. I was glad to hear virtually every Democrat solemnly intone that no one is above the law. I take that to mean that we’ll start to see some indictments in the Russiagate scandal soon. As the House was promulgating this nonsense, the President was speaking to another packed house in Battle Creek, Michigan. Now we have Nancy saying she might not sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate. What a total mass suicide the Dems have just committed. Oh, and did I mention that while the House was going through their circus, the Senate confirmed 13 more judges.

·        I’ve noticed that a lot of the swamp dwellers have begun to very gingerly walk back their former lies. Expect it to pick up once Durham begins to unveil his investigation results.

·        I’ve always liked paraprosdokians, but had forgotten there was a name for these figures of speech until a friend shared an email from a professor friend at New Mexico State. I used on in Tuesday’s edition of Reveille. One of my favorites describes a large percentage of our elected representatives, unfortunately. The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits-Albert Einstein. Famous wits like Dorothy Parker and Winston Churchill were well-known for using this form of speech. Dorothy Parker once walked into a Christmas Party and there were people around a tub with apples floating in it. She asked her host what was going on and he replied that they were “dunking for apples.” Her reply was that “but for a typographical error, that’s the story of my life.” Zsa Zsa Gabore once said of a former husband, “He taught me housekeeping; when I divorce, I keep the house.”

·        Impeachment for Dummies. This is a very long and very thorough look at what many, including me, believe is the biggest scandal in American political history.

The experts don’t like to be challenged—especially by non-expert voters or the politicians they elect to limit administrative state power. Here, finally, we come to the “truest cause, though least in speech” of the impeachment freight train: the administrative state is striking back at a mortal threat. 

·        Bedlam in the (Mad) House. “I was making the unstated assumption that the Democrats weren’t collectively crazy. Okay, I was wrong. They’re nuts.”

·        The smartest people in the room? LOLOLOL

·        My state, Tennessee, has a bill in the legislature that would require Biology-not feelings-be used to determine whether an athlete is male or female. What a novel concept. Hopefully we’re setting a precedent that will sweep across the legislatures of other states and bury this nonsense.

·        Rudy isn’t exactly rolling over and playing dead, is he? Giuliani says he’s uncovered ‘two major’ money laundering/bribery schemes involving Joe Biden, Obama administration. I saw him on the Laura Ingraham show and he was very to the point about former ambassador Yovanovitch.

·        Just say no to this outrageous attempt. The Ground Zero mosque project that you though had died is back. One of the most notorious of those projects, a huge mosque at Ground Zero that would inevitably be regarded in the Islamic world as a triumphal mosque celebrating the 9/11 attacks, is now back in the works in lower Manhattan.

·        New USA Today poll: Impeached or not, Trump leads his Democratic rivals for another term. Let’s not get cocky just yet.

·        A couple of Armed Citizen stories from Houston. It’s a good idea to make sure your wife knows how to handle your firearms. This one did and it paid off big-time.

·        If only this were true, our collective intelligence would go up demonstrably. We could ‘enjoy The View without having to hear any of the views.’

·        The FISA Court describes FBI’s handling of Carter Page warrant applications as “antithetical to the heightened duty of candor.” Say what? Is total bulls**t that hard to spell?

·        Interesting tidbit you’re not likely to hear from the liberal, woke mainstream media. Pete Buttigieg’s father was a Marxist professor at Notre Dame who lauded the Communist Manifesto. Luckily, his chances of winning the nomination, much less getting elected are nil.

·        Maybe PBS should take note. Political coverage row puts BBC funding under threat.

·        The last time I had Spam was when I was in the Army over 5 years ago. It’s right up there with Alpo as a canned meat likely to make it into my shopping cart. Nevertheless, Hormel, the purveyor of this human dog food, just reported that Spam had its fifth consecutive year of record sales. There are sixteen varieties. Who knew? It’s apparently very popular in Hawaii. Watch the clip for more than you ever knew about this iconic…food. They are now in the process of tripling their processing of Spam in China. Dogs and Cats are rejoicing.

·        In case you’ve been needing that perfect ornament to set off your tree, here is the link. They’re on the expensive side, but just think how your grandchildren will treasure them and how they will trigger your more woke family members.

·        Spot on article by David Harsanyi in National Review. Impeach Him If You Like, but for the Love of God, Stop Pretending You Care about the Constitution.

·        Trump: ‘If Comey and Top FBI People Were Dirty Wouldn’t All These Phony Cases Have to Be Overturned?’ Good question.