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In The News for Thursday, August 25, 2022
Posted Aug 25 2022 6:53AM

·        There are a certain number of people who just trigger me wanting a safe space whenever they open their mouths. Paul Krugman is one, but number one is probably the execrable Robert Reich. Robert is upset that WNBA players are not compensated on a par with NBA players. After this ludicrous suggestion is set straight by a libertarian, Dave Chapelle has some comments on the subject.  

·        To my knowledge there hasn’t been a single one of these that hasn’t turned out to be a hoax. The latest example.

·        I know we’re all shocked by this. 70% of suspects released on $0 bail committed new crimes.

·        CNN is contemplating some drastic changes to bring back viewers.

·        Some folks are pretty mad and not willing to forgive or forget. Understandably so.

·        Some amazing effects of reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone Park.  

·        MAGA is fine, but BAGA is the real movement.


·        Seen any White House press briefings lately? Not since Aug. 9th. Funny, no one seems to be complaining