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In The News for Friday, December 9, 2022
Posted Dec 09 2022 7:14AM

·        Twitter release part two. Yes, it is every bit as bad as we thought.

·        Liking this buy more and more. Elon Musk channels Ronald Reagan. Janitors’ Union Went on Strike Outside Twitter, So Musk Gave Them the Reagan Treatment.

·        Could this be the early sign of a return of common sense? Vanguard Group quits ESG-oriented ‘Net Zero’ group.

·        According to the Democrat’s own standards, Biden’s quid pro quo with Saudi Arabia looks like an impeachable offense. Hey, you made the rules. Now you get to live by them.

·        Love this take on Elon Musk’s setting up bedrooms for Twitter employees at HQ. Breaking: Elon Musk is first person in 70 years to successfully create new housing in San Francisco.

·        Yessiree, boy. They must be one tough negotiating team. A major arms dealer for a gender dysphoric  basketball player who thought taking her personal drug stash with her to Russia was a smart move. Wonder if she will stand for the National Anthem, now? Jim Geraghty also had some comments. NBC reported that Biden was given a choice of either Brittany Griner or Paul Whelan, the Marine who has been held for four years. He chose the basketball player and left the Iraq veteran Marine behind. Despicable!

·        I’d say that’s a big YES. White House won’t say if Biden team told Twitter that Hunter laptop was ‘hacked.’

·        In case you are wondering what the hell has happened to our public education system, look no further than this very self-explanatory chart.

·        Amid all the terrible news we have to wade through every day, there are some glimmers of hope. The New York Times is on strike and apparently Liberal Men are getting vasectomies to protest overturning Roe vs. Wade. Germany is re-starting their coal-fired plants and Great Britain just approved a new coal mine in Cumbria.

·        The FBI Factor. Andrew McCarthy is one of the best. His book, Ball of Collusion, is thought by many to be the best book published on the Russia Collusion Hoax.

Here is the most galling part: They think we’re morons. They think they’re so very clever, manipulating words and putting their thumbs on the scale with the power we entrust to them. They think they’ve covered their tracks with so much deniability that we, the benighted rabble, could not hope to keep up with them.

·        “Uncancelled History” is a new venture that looks like it is worth supporting. Its opening act is a ten-episode series of interviews with leading contrarian thinkers who take on the woke ideology of historical distortions that everyone knows today. There are three podcasts up, so far.