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In The News for Thursday, August 18, 2022
Posted Aug 18 2022 7:36AM

·        An interesting interview with Daniel Pipes, founder of the Middle East Forum on the Rushdie attempted assassination.

Daniel Pipes: Like Barack Obama before him, Joe Biden believes that being nice, making concessions, and appeasing the mullahs in Tehran is the way to conduce them to better behavior. This approach worked brilliantly with Hitler, Brezhnev, and Arafat, so why not try it again?

·        The fact that Liz Cheney lost her primary election wasn’t a surprise to anyone, but the magnitude of the loss was more than anyone expected. Producers confirm Liz Cheney will not be back for season 2 of January 6 hearings. Can you spell “tone deaf”? Liz Cheney “thinking about” 2024 WH run after devastating primary loss.

·        European energy prices have gone parabolic. Germany is paying the price for bad decisions.

·        FBI finally reveals what was seized in raid on Mar-a-Lago.

·        Love this story. Owners of a restaurant in the UK have decided they will no longer offer vegan entrees.

·        Boy, did things go south fast for Starbucks when they went full woke.

·        Hard to believe that not one single sorority at the University of Alabama wanted a disturbed, gender dysphoric man as a pledge. Someone needs to get these folks some woke pills.

·        Thanks, Peter, but you’re not exactly the guy we look to for advice on whether to trust the FBI.

·        In case you think the problems with the FBI are something new, they’re not. In 1988, Ron Paul stood alone to warm about FBI corruption.

·        A Biden keeps stepping on every rake in the yard, it’s worth remembering that he left 800 Americans behind in Afghanistan.

·        I can’t wait until January when the Republican House and Senate begins trotting these guys out