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In The News – Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 Edition
Posted Nov 12 2014 7:00AM
  • Bringing in the Clintons to stump for candidates was a pretty expensive proposition. Based on the election results it doesn’t look like money well spent.

  • This is an interesting interview with former Senator Joe Lieberman, “a man of unquestioned integrity” to quote the late William F. Buckley. Mr. Buckley was instrumental is helping Lieberman defeat Republican Lowell Weicker, whom Buckley detested.

  • Not to belabor politics, but this is just over the top funny. It’s a compendium of clips from the commentators on MSNBC during the election returns.

  • Dr. Ed has some comments on Gold. “Why is Gold losing its luster?”, he asks. He ties its fortunes to inflation and commodity prices.

  • The price of oil is a big concern for Russia and could push them into recession if prices remain at current levels. Their forecasts and budget is predicated on $100/bbl. Cry me a river of those big ole crocodile tears.

  • Pay what’s fair? Not sure this start-up has a big future, but I could be wrong. A similar platform, Wealthfront manages accounts from $5,000 to $10,000 for free and charges 0.25% for accounts over that. They are currently managing over $1 Billion in assets. Do the math. That’s $2,500,000 in fee income on a very scalable model. A very interesting concept for passive investing. They are going after the clients that the large brokerages don’t really focus on, but in the process they may well tap the market that the big firms depend on. I’d view this trend as serious competition if I running a large money management firm.

  • Want to see a motorcycle that is expected to bring $500,000 at auction. It’s a rare Brough Superior S1100.  They were T.E. Lawrence’s favorite. He owned eight and died riding one in 1935. This one comes with a sidecar, so you can take your wife on the road with you. Just what you want to do when you and the other “Wild Hogs” hit the road.

  • This could be a very big deal in the treatment and cure of prostate cancer as well as macular degeneration and other diseases with abnormal vessel development.

  • Been wanting your own drone with aerial camera? This one has been selling like crazy recently and is on sale for 46% off. The Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 for $74.99. The gadget freak in me kind of want one of these.

  • Don’t know if you saw this. It could easily have gone into the annals of “hey watch this!” Somehow 177 mph on a bicycle doesn’t appeal to me at all and I don’t think it would have even in my “bulletproof” days.

  • Here’s a new trading option for the seriously ADD. 20-minute options. Another way for idiots to lose money. Just what we need.

  • Lastly, leave it to the Irish to come up with the definitive text message:

    Honey, I’m having one more pint with the lads. If I’m not home in 20 minutes, read this message again.


  • One more item. Ah, the value of a Harvard education. None of the students were able to pass a 1964 Louisiana Literacy Test. That means they couldn’t vote in Louisiana which might not be a bad thing.  Not to brag, but I got 100 well within the ten minute time limit. If you want to try the test, here it is.  Here is a partial key.