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In The News for Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Posted Dec 02 2019 7:32PM

In The News:   

·        The headline says it all. Clueless Millionaire Calls for End of Capitalism Says It’s ‘Killing Us.’

·        An interesting historical look at why the framers chose an Electoral College over a purely popular vote.

·        When even liberals get exasperated with the stunning ignorance of other liberals. Ron Insana is a former CNBC host who is now a contributor. Never a particularly incisive or accurate observer of the economy and the financial markets due to his liberal bias, he nevertheless had trouble stomaching Joy Reid’s blatant economic ignorance.

·        She is, of course absolutely right on this important tissue issue.

·        This one is just too cringeworthy. Please, Joe, keep it up. I just can’t wait to see him on the debate stage with President Trump. When I first saw this I thought someone had overdubbed his voice. Apparently not. Stephen Kruiser: “If Biden were your uncle or grandfather, the family would be having a difficult but necessary conversation about getting him some full-time care. This guy needs a nurse, not priority access to weapons of mass destruction. He’s at the point where he probably shouldn’t even be trusted with metal utensils during meals.Related: Is Joe Biden a Literal Zombie?

·        I’m shocked, just shocked! Google is just begging for some kind of regulation and oversight. 60 Minutes found that Google and YouTube had taken down over 300 of President Trump’s political ads.

·        Mitch McConnell named ‘Person of the Year’ by WholeFoods Magazine. Outraged liberals immediately began a #BoycottWholeFoods campaign on Twitter. Only problem was it wasn’t Whole Foods Market, which isn’t affiliated with the magazine. Whole Foods Market, not the magazine, spent the Thanksgiving weekend trying to explain to offended liberals that they were different.

·        Let’s hope they leave their voting patterns at their former abodes. Millennials Are Fleeing Cities For Refuge From Democrats’ Disasters.

·        U.S. reports first month in 70 years as Net Exporter of Oil. I vaguely remember someone saying we couldn’t drill our way to lower gas prices. Who was that?

·        According to a new poll from the conservative Heartland Institute, 7 out of 10 voters reject Socialism in favor of a Free Market System. Only 25% said they’d vote for a candidate who identifies as a Socialist. Bad news for Bernei and probably Lieawatha too. I don’t think Bernie ever had a realistic chance of gaining the nomination. The question is whether his hubris will lead him to run as an independent and guarantee a split vote for the Democrats.

·        The Washington Post Laughably Attacks Second Amendment Sanctuaries, Fails Miserably. This is some truly contorted, liberal nonsense that they spout oblivious of the irony. Here is an example of how dangerous Sanctuary Cities are to the safety of citizens.

·        Georgia Bread Truck Deliveryman was able to foil an armed robber at Hardee’s. Demario Parris took a couple of shots and is now recuperating in the hospital while Joseph Chilton, the bread truck driver was named an honorary deputy in Clayton County and enshrined in the sheriff’s Posse Hall of Fame. Mr. Parris is very lucky he didn’t take the room temperature challenge. Meahwhile, Black Friday gun sales were the second best in history up 11% over 2018.

·        From the Babylon Bee this has the climatistas worried. Sea Level Rises Hundreds Of Fee Due To Sweat From Celebrities Waiting To Be Outed As Perverts.

·        Tom Hanks portrayal of Mister Rogers doesn’t hold a candle to Eddie Murphy’s.

·        Apropos comments on Lisa Page’s most recent utterings.

·        Long but thorough. This week’s Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update.

·        FusionFlight of Dallas is bringing a jet powered drone to market in 2021, price somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000 to $250,000. With a payload of 40 pounds, a top speed of 300 mph, ceiling of 30,000 feet and time aloft of 15-30 minutes I’m guessing the military is drooling. Something that small going 300 mph would be very hard to defend against.

·        Speaking of military. DSG of Norway had developed a supercavitating projectile that can be fired underwater and hit a target up to 200 feet away. The technology has been used already by the Russians who have a torpedo that is about three times the speed of a conventional torpedo. It is also thought that the technology could be incorporated in submarines to make then ultra-fast.

·        If I lived in Ridgely, TN I’d be understandably nervous. Over the weekend they experienced 15 earthquakes in a swarm ranging from 1.1 to 2.1 in magnitude. Ridgely is only about 15 miles south of Reelfoot Lake which was formed during the New Madrid quakes of 1811-1812 when the Mississippi River flowed backwards. It is the most active area for seismic activity east of the Mississippi.

·        In case you didn’t know Ted Cruz has a sense of humor this should dispel your doubts. Some of the comments are hilarious.

·        Recent polls show that around one third of black voters support President Trump. If that translates into votes in November 2020 it will be a real game changer.

The sleaze factor on this one has really been dialed up as things keep coming out about Hunter Biden’s habits involving drugs, hookers and “gentlemens’ clubs.”