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In The News for Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Posted Jul 19 2021 9:26PM

·       Am I The Only One. #1 Country hit by Aaron Lewis.  Finally, a theme song[JW1] .

·       Top Biden officials now believe COVID lab-leak theory: report[JW2] [JW3] . Was Trump right about everything?

·       Can you believe it? Of course you can. Democrats are trying to sneak Illegal Alien Amnesty into ‘Infrastructure’ Bill[JW4] .

·       Update on the Texas Democrats’ clown show. Now five have tested positive for COVID after supposedly having been vaccinated. The biggest disaster of a trip since the S.S. Minnow.

·       Good news for Michi[JW5] gan. Michigan Senate repeals Emergency Powers Law, Whitmer unable to veto.

·       Approximately 66 million years ago the Chicxulub Asteroid hit near the Yucatan peninsula. It is believed the impact was so powerful that it covered the earth with dust for several years leading to the demise of the dinosaurs. Now scientists may have evidence that it resulted in a tsunami that created a wave one mile high.

·       Wokeness is sabotaging the Military Academies. It needs to come to a crashing halt.

·       Kamala’s unpopularity may pose a real problem for Democrats. It’s not like they shouldn’t have known before putting her on the ticket with Joe. She was a miserable failure in the primaries.

·       40% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. Here’s how to tell. It significantly reduces COVID mortality.

·       Megyn Kelly ROASTS Nicole Hannah-Jones for ‘1619 Project Lies. Ms. Jones is a fake academic and Howard University lost credibility by hiring her. Meanwhile, Ms. Jones had some kind words for Cuba. She is a total charlatan.

·       Progressive policy makers don’t seem to grasp the fact that parasites should never kill their host. How to Be an Anticapitalist.

·       Sports Illustrated makes restricted list. Who would have ever thought it?

·       Education Secretary Miguel Cardona on Friday gingerly took his foot off the third rail by backing away from his intent to push Critical Race Theory.

·       If it weren’t for double standards…you know how it goes. Rep. Cory Bush (D-MO), a ‘defund the police’ advocate, has spent $70,000 on private security in the past three months.

·       I find it hard to believe that there is no legal remedy for illegal activity that results in a stolen election. The upper courts may need to plough new ground.

·       It’s about time. Antifa gets pummeled by LA police. Happiness Is a Warm Rubber Bullet Gun. And maybe a good truncheon.

·       A Cuban protester had some words for AOC and Bernie. ‘You don’t see Americans going to Cuba on a raft.’ Waiting on a coherent response from these two nitwits.

·       Alex, I’ll take Who Gives A Damn for $1000.

·       More good news. Just how desperate is CNN? It’s Not Pretty…

If you enjoy short reads, I recommend this site I ran across. I find Sean Dietrich’s musings to be great source of enjoyment and like his writing style. Here is a good example titled Delayed in Atlanta.