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In The News for Friday, August 27, 2021
Posted Aug 27 2021 7:23AM

·       I think the average reaction to yesterday’s events outside the Kabul Airport was an anger that made it almost impossible to speak and a sick feeling in the pit of the stomach. The results of incompetence by the Biden Administration: 12 Marines killed[JW1]  and 15 wounded in explosions and gunfight along at least 60 Afghan civilians. We can’t take this cognitively addled guy any longer. Those enabling this farce should be put up against the wall. It’s truly scary to think of Kamala Harris anywhere near the reins of government, but Biden has to go and she has to be neutered by her party.

·       In the absence of any plan by the Biden administration to rescue Americans, the CIA and U.S. Troops have conducted rescue operations using helicopters and incursions into Kabul to rescue Americans and Afghanis. Now things have escalated with explosions and gunfire. Has anyone waked Joe up, yet? And does anyone on God’s green earth think this would have happened under President Trump?

·       During Biden’s press conference in which he didn’t take any questions, his handlers cut off his microphone before he could reply to one reporter. Can you imagine? An aide responsible for cutting off the President of the United States microphone? This is more and more looking like Weekend at Bernies.  

·       Morning Briefing: MSM Aided and Abetted Biden’s Afghanistan Failure. Of course they did.

 A few days of the MSM hacks doing the work they should have been doing for decades doesn’t get them a free pass. Absolutely none of this would be happening if they hadn’t lied about President Trump for years, and then spent all of last year pretending it wasn’t obvious that Joe Biden had mentally checked out for good. Their abdication of journalistic responsibility has compromised this country in ways that can’t soon be forgiven.

·       You would think the world would take notice, and tips, from a county with no lockdowns, no mask mandates, a healthy economy, and relatively few deaths. You’d be wrong. Sweden gets it on COVID.

·       Thanks to Joe Biden, we are now the world’s top arms supplier to terrorists. Need an instant air force? Call Joe. Related: Taliban opens chain of U.S. Army Surplus Stores[JW2] .

·       President Trump’s transparency policies vindicated in stunning New York Times report. I think I just saw a pig fly by. Good article on how hospitals and insurance companies hide pricing.

·       It’s hardly any wonder that Americans don’t trust most of the data and pronouncement coming out of the CDC and government. The CDC seems to have covered up data showing masking kids in schools is pointless.

·       From the folks at Bespoke Investments, the evolving odds of the 2022 Senate and House races.

·       The disaster of Joe Biden in 90 seconds. This ad, produced by the Trump organization, may be the most devastating I have ever seen. Of course, they have an unprecedented amount of failure and incompetence to work with:

Holy cow. What an ad.

— Storm Paglia  (@storm_paglia) August 24, 2021

·       And they are not done, yet. In leaked recording, Biden says GOP used ‘defund the police’ to ‘beat the living hell’ out of Democrats.