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In The News for Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Posted Oct 11 2022 7:20AM

·        Quote of the Week: A free market is a naturally sustainable ecosystem that utilizes resources in very efficient ways. Government is the opposite, with incentives encouraging waste. Government failure is the most dangerous threat to our environment and economy. – Brian Wesbury.

·        Real Clear Politics now has the Republicans taking the Senate with a 52-48 majority by picking up Nevada and Arizona. I think it could be 53-47. We’ll see. They currently have the House at 220-180 with 35 toss ups. 218 are needed for a majority.

·        The French national railroad company that hoped to help California build its ill-fated highs speed rail system gave up and left to pursue projects in North Africa where the situation was “less dysfunctional.”

·         I said at the very beginning of the COVID scare that the vaccines, which are not really vaccines, would likely have unintended consequences that we might not know of for years. It didn’t take that long, did it? Florida: COVID vaccines are dangerous to young men. Thankfully, neither of my sons took the vaccine. Both caught it and suffered mild symptoms which went away in three or four days. Now they have natural immunity which is more effective that the vaccines. Don’t take your medical advice from politicians, bureaucrats, the press or the wokerati. None of them know what they are talking about. Twitter, of course, censored the Florida Surgeon General for going against the narrative. Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter has a list of new laws that Congress should pass. They are excellent. I particularly like #’s 7,8 and 9. And one on the wish list: New drugs should first be tested on those members of Congress who told us the COVID vaccines were safe and effective before they are allowed to be tested in animals. Hell, yes.

Alec Berenson has had enough. I’m with him from all I’ve read.

·        How bad is the disaster at the border and who is responsible? It’s bad and Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are responsible.  

·        A new medical specialization? Gender Medicine? Univ. of Minnesota Medical School has a Vice Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Ana Nunez who – wait for it- specializes in “gender medicine.” These people cannot be ridiculed sufficiently.

·        Culture of Corruption: NYC Mayor, buddy, put girlfriends in high-paying jobs. Well, come on, isn’t that how our current Vice President got her start? New Yorkers are just getting what they voted for good and hard.

·        This is hilarious! New hobby of finding the sofa the dress was made from. The thread on Twitchy is LMAO.

·        Classic RINO Lisa Murkowski looks like she’s in trouble in Alaska as Tshibaka is favored by a couple of polls to win race for Senate.

·        Citadel, Caterpillar, Boeing and now Tyson Foods is moving out or Chicago. Not to mention all the small businesses that are moving to the suburbs.

·        Thinking about a career in stealing cars? You might consider Seattle.

·        Sorry, Sharon, I think you’ll just have to chalk it up to stupidity and write it off unless they’re willing to give you one of the Rolls Royces or Homes they bought with your money. Sharon Osbourne wants her $900,000 donation back from BLM.

·        The War on Ivermectin. As I’ve said, don’t take your medical advice from the media, bureaucrats or politicians. We need to take a cue from Singapore and institute caning as a punishment for some of these people.

·        Hilarious! Retraining Tennessee fans