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In The News for Monday, October 11, 2021
Posted Oct 11 2021 6:26AM

·       Apparently Facebook isn’t the only one with a Whistleblower. The White House has one.

·       If you missed this, it is worth watching. It essentially confirms what we[JW1]  essentially know but hate to admit. The ‘swamp’ is very real.

·       A poll I don’t trust. It seems way too high. Gallup: Trust in the Media sinks to 36%, second lowest ever. No way it’s that high.

·       Ruling Class In Free-Fall? I certainly hope so.

·       Elon Must: Starlink nationwide rollout is coming this month. [JW2] 

·       Good thinking. D.C. shut off water fountains in public schools during the COVID-19 panic pandemic but had failed to maintain supplies for hundreds of children, forcing a run to Costco. 

·       Wondering about the Tesla move from California to Texas. Here’s a hint.

·       There is hope. Manchin to Schumer: Your speech was “f****** stupid.” Manchin ios sitting right behind Schumer. Check out his reaction[JW3] .

·       Incredible! Simply incredible! Hunter Biden sells pieces of “art[JW4] ” for $75,000 each in Los Angeles. Wonder if the “Big Guy” got his usual cut?

·       Sorry, folks. You own it now. RNC releases 7-minute video of Dems echoing ‘defund police’ rhetoric as party tries to back away[JW5]  from movement. Here is the 7-minute video[JW6] .

·       The noted climatologists at the White House downplay rising energy prices, says [nonexistant]  ‘climate crisis’ is more important. Liars and idiots are what we have to deal with[JW7] .

·       Project Oxcart: Why you had to be married to fly the CIA’s fastest plane. I thought it was because married men didn’t mind being gone from home for long periods of time, but that isn’t it.

·       The story of the A-10 Warthog is an interesting one. The Air Force has been trying to get rid of it almost from the beginning, but the troops on the ground absolutely love it.  

·       The Army just got its first “Dark Eagle” hypersonic missile launchers. Hypersonic speeds are generally considered anything over Mach 5.

·       Kash Patel believes the Durham probe will lead to indictments that will reach to the very top. I sure hope he is right.

·       Where does Joe keep finding these people to populate his administration?

·       Pfizer assures that vaccine is almost as safe for kids as COVID…

·       No one is buying the Facebook whistleblower scam.

·       SEC okays Bitcoin-related ETF. It was just a matter of time.

·       I didn’t realize that being Speaker of the House does not require you to be a member of the House of Representatives. That explains Rep. Matt Gaetz’ suggestion that when the Republicans take back the house in 2022, they name Donald Trump Speaker of the House. Boy, would heads start exploding all over Washington, D.C. is that happened.

·       Speaking of our former President, he lit them up in Des Moines, IA Saturday night as he tore into Biden and the Dems. To be fair, they’ve given him a lot of material to work with. They warmed the crowd up with George C. Scott’s Patton speech. I think the idea was that you could substitute the work “Liberals” for “Germans” in the speech.

·       The situation in Taiwan. But the other side of the coin is that they may view Joe Biden as a once in a millennium opportunity to achieve one of their most cherished goals–the annexation of Taiwan–without serious risk of a competent American response. So I don’t think the possibility of a devastating attack by the Chinese is by any means remote.

·       The Chinese Communists are Evil. There is no question about that one.

      And finally, Let's put things in perspective.