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In The News for Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Posted Feb 13 2023 7:32PM

·        I personally thought that Chris Stapleton absolutely nailed the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. I thought it was moving.

·        There may be hope for some university administrations. Temple University in Pennsylvania seems to be on the right track. Graduate students on strike get a lesson in FAAFO (look it up). This is such a “feel good” story. Graduate student workers who have been striking have been notified that their tuition remission has been removed for the spring semester and the balance is now owed in full or they will not be allowed to register.

·        In case you don’t believe the Washington, D.C. FBI Field Office doesn’t need to be razed and have salt sown in its place, read this. The Boston Office stood tall and refused to play along.

·        Victor Davis Hanson is pretty much always on target.

     Consider: A Democratic House majority once criminalized noncompliance with a congressional subpoena. A Democratic Ways and Means Committee institutionalized demanding and successfully obtaining the tax records of a president. A Democratic president declared the unlawful storage of classified information to be worthy of a special counsel’s criminal investigation.
     A left-wing media destroyed the high-bar rules of journalistic evidence and investigation protocols through its concoction of Russian collusion and disinformation hoaxes. A discredited media claimed that any perceived presidential laxity with an aggressive foreign adversary—like China’s serial intrusions into U.S. airspace—was supposedly prima facie evidence of a compromised president “colluding” as an “asset” of an enemy.
     Ironically Biden, the media, and the old Democratic House majority have provided Republicans the same tools to discover the truth which the Left had once used to destroy it.

·        As I’ve said on numerous occasions, Climate Change is an outright scam, but a money train for many. If this is a subject that interests you, this interview by Jordan Peterson of Prof. Judith Curry is worth seeing. She isn’t really a true ‘climate denier’, yet was ostracized by her peers for questioning consensus.

·        For some reason the mainstream media seems singularly uninterested. Biden’s Classified Documents Scandal Keeps Getting Bigger.

·        The thoroughly despicable James Clapper is trying to backtrack from his election interference in signing that stupid letter along with 50+ other traitors. Jonathan Turley holds his feet to the fire and calls him out for the liar he is. He, along with the execrable John Brennan, need to be in front of a Congressional Committee where perjury can be punished with jail time.

·         It's amazing what's going on here.

Because of the House hearing investigating this, the political and media establishment can't ignore what they did any longer.

So now they're turning on each other, blaming one another for the disinformation campaign:\

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) February 13, 2023

·        Apparently the new White House Communications Director’s primary, if not only, qualification for the job is that he is a homosexual. The Biden HR Department is on the job.