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In The News for Friday, November 6, 2020
Posted Nov 06 2020 8:39AM

·       You can be sure a unified media will shortly begin the same talking points that this needs to end for “the good of the country.” The “good of the country” will be best served if the American electorate has confidence in the outcome of the election, one that appears to have experienced massive voter fraud. We’d all like to see this finished and get on with our lives. I feel the same way, but I also think it’s time to put a stop to what has been going on for years and it’s time to fight. We don’t need what happened in Minnesota when Al Franken was elected to take place on a national basis. Wonder why the Trump campaign has sent the lawyers to Wisconsin and demanded a recount? Because there appears to have been massive fraud. I’m waiting for an explanation that isn’t laughable. Maybe the Ballot Fairy showed up. The Fight is Now. The same thing that happened in Wisconsin happened in Michigan. Let’s see a plausible explanation. So far election officials are crickets. Maybe the courts can loosen their tongues. Trump’s legal advisor, Jenna Ellis discussed how 138,000 magical ballots appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the night. We can take heart that the Pennsylvania Secretary of State who monitors elections, Kathy Boockvar, has called President Trump “Dangerously Unfit.”

·       One of the best pieces I’ve read and a good reason why this should be a fight to the death. It’s long but covers all the bases in terms of voter fraud. Because here’s the kicker, the high turn out is the average for the state [WI], but when you drill down on the source of these statistically improbable blue vote dumps, they’ve got districts with TWO HUNDRED PERCENT TURN OUT. That’s over 200%. There’s 7 over 100%, and a ton of them in the 90s.

·       Go to the 20 minute mark on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast for a very interesting interview with John Solomon talking about some forensic anomalies in AZ, MI, PA & WI.

·       What kind of sore-losing idiot would accuse the Democrats of voter fraud? A few reminders.  

·       Melissa Mackenzie is the publisher of The American Spectator. Here message yesterday was Be Of Good Cheer!

·       Dude, Where’s My Landslide? The Democrats in the House had a conference call and it didn’t sound like they was much high fiving going on. The Republicans have picked up members of the House and are currently leading in 20-25 other races. Depending on how they turn out, it’s not inconceivable that the House could flip red.

·       William Bradley, good citizen that he is, applied for an absentee ballot on 9/11/20 and submitted it on 9/20. He cast his ballot for Joe Biden. There’s just one problem. He died in 1984. I know we’re all surprised to find out that there were 32,519 more people who voted in Detroit than were registered, including 2503 deceased voters whose patriotism was so strong that the voted from the grave.

·        If you want to stay on top of breaking developments, here are some good places to check daily.

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